Child Custody Mediation: 4 Unique Days to Request Time with Your Children

If you're going through a divorce with children, then one of the more complicated matters is discussing a child custody agreement. Along with figuring out regular days of a week for you to have custody of your kids, a divorce lawyer can help you get through mediation with your spouse for special days. Holidays like Christmas and occasions like your child's birthday are obvious times to discuss in mediation, but there are other days that you can request as well. By requesting these special days, you can have time with your child and eliminate the tension that comes with splitting time over bigger days and celebrations. In the end, you can see your kids on the following four types of days and create special memories through the special custody agreement. Then you can more easily alternate traditional holidays on an annual basis and eliminate the tension that comes with this.

Your Own Birthday

Instead of focusing on custody for your children's birthdays, you can work with a lawyer to have the children on your own birthday. This is a great way to celebrate and will often go uncontested because the date doesn't typically matter to an ex-spouse. When you have the children with you on your birthday, you can treat the day as a special occasion that involves a possible night out to eat or baking together at home. To make mediation go smoother, you can offer visitation to the spouse on their birthday as well. This helps make the split go evenly and offers compromises on both sides.

School Half Days

A breakdown of the school calendar is often an important part of a parental custody agreement. Parents may split school holidays like Columbus Day along with school vacations like spring break, but it's also important to consider random times like school half days. Claiming some of these days in a child custody agreement is a great way to have an afternoon with your child that is a little different from the normal routine. You can use the extra hours to go out to lunch, see a movie, or a start a tradition together. If your ex-spouse works during the day, the half days are a great way for you to take the children and allow your ex to save the hassle of finding a babysitter or daycare option.

Unique Holidays

Instead of arguing or fighting over holidays like New Year's Day and Thanksgiving, you can use the custody agreement to plan and celebrate your own holidays with the kids. There are a lot of little-known holidays and celebrations that have been created and passed down through the years. By picking one of these days with your children, you have the ability to celebrate a special occasion without putting the pressure or tension on the other parent. For example, if you and your kids love Star Wars, then you can celebrate Star Wars Day together each year on May 4th. This can be done with small gifts or traditions like watching one of the movies. Another example is National Video Games Day on September 12th. This is a great day to request so you can take your children to an arcade or video game store and bond together over various titles.

Sports Opening Days

If you love bonding with your children over sports, then there are a number of days you request for custody. For example, if you enjoy fishing with your children, then you can request to have the kids on the opening day of fishing season each year. If you love to watch sports together, then you can choose an opening day of sports for leagues like the MLB, NFL, and NBA. Along with opening days, consider big events like the Super Bowl or World Series that you want to celebrate with your children.

Mediation requires compromise. By working with your divorce lawyer, you can compromise on more of the well-known holidays and celebrations to ensure that you get these guaranteed ones and can have the special time with your children. Work with a divorce lawyer for further help and tips.