Filing for Social Security Disability: What To Do If You'Ve Been Denied

If you have a disability, it may be hard for you to work a traditional job. If you are unable to work a traditional job, you may have decided to apply for social security disability as a way of receiving some financial assistance that would help you pay for basic necessities, such as clothing, food and a comfortable place to live. After completing the lengthy application process, you may have received a notice in the mail stating that you were denied the benefits you were trying to receive.

Considering A Medical Malpractice Case? Challenges You'll Face

Doctors have a difficult job. It's not always easy to diagnose illnesses or find the right treatment, and sometimes they can do all the right things, and it still doesn't work. However, there are also times when doctors make serious mistakes – and a doctor's mistake or negligence can have severe consequences for your health. When a doctor's mistake has a serious negative impact on your health, it's natural to want restitution for your pain and suffering, as well as for any additional medical bills you incur because of the mistake.

Will You Blow The Whistle For The SEC?

The role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is to maintain fair and orderly markets, protect investors, and assist with the creation of capital. To do this they depend on companies, brokers, dealers, and exchanges being truthful, fair and honest. Due to securities fraud, these things do not always happen, and people end up making investment decisions based on false information. While there are often those that know these things are taking place, they are not always forthcoming, whether due to their own role in the deception, fear of retaliation, or for other reasons, but there are others that are willing to be a whistleblower.

Proving You're Unable To Obtain Gainful Employment

One of the requirements for being approved for long-term disability is you must be unable to obtain gainful employment. However, the definition of gainful employment can vary depending on the insurance company and policy. Here's what you need to know about this requirement to help you qualify for benefits. Understand the Company's Definition of Gainful Employment The first thing you need to do is study your long-term disability insurance policy and determine if it defines gainful employment by whether you can get a job in your own occupation or any occupation.

Actions To Take After Your Spouse Walks Out

If you're dealing with the emotional aftermath of your spouse leaving you for good, dealing with the financial and legal ramifications may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it is important to make sure you do take action to help protect yourself and your family. Taking steps for recovery right away can make divorce proceedings and custody agreements easier to arrange in the future. Here are some things to get you started.

Child Custody Mediation: 4 Unique Days to Request Time with Your Children

If you're going through a divorce with children, then one of the more complicated matters is discussing a child custody agreement. Along with figuring out regular days of a week for you to have custody of your kids, a divorce lawyer can help you get through mediation with your spouse for special days. Holidays like Christmas and occasions like your child's birthday are obvious times to discuss in mediation, but there are other days that you can request as well.

Divorce & Custody Mediation: 4 Scheduling Factors To Consider For Your Children

As a family goes through a divorce, one of the hardest things to deal with is typically family custody. Custody and visitation issues have so many complications, including days of the week, school schedules, and holidays. As you go through custody negotiations with a family law attorney, there are four different factors to consider as it applies to your child's schedule. Figuring out these factors during mediation will help eliminate any problems or issues that may occur in the future.

Tagging Someone On Social Media Could Land You In Jail

For some people, interacting with others on social media is as natural and necessary as breathing air. While tagging photos and sending messages to people can be fun, it can land you in jail if you send it to the wrong person. Namely, if someone has a no-contact order against you, tagging them or using the individual's name in a message could be seen as a violation of the restraining order.

Three Questions All New Landlords Must Ask Themselves When Growing A Property Portfolio

Being a landlord isn't easy, and if you're new to the property development game, you will likely make a few mistakes along the way. However, while knowledge comes with experience, it's important you don't make too many hiccups in the early stages as this can have a huge impact on your profit. Therefore, ask yourself the three questions below to help you navigate the early stages of being a landlord: