Things To Do If Your Home Is Damaged By A Storm

It is important to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps when you have a home that has been damaged by a major storm. Missing out on a few crucial steps could land you in a position where you are not able to get the assistance you need to have your home repaired. Here are some of the vital things that you need to do:

Take Pictures Of The Damage Right Away

Once the storm has passed and it is safe for you to venture outside, you will want to grab your camera and take as many pictures of the damage that was done to the house itself, and anything else such as your garage, garden shed, play sets that you have for the kids, and a fence if you have one and it has become damaged. Make sure that you are taking your time with this, never forgetting to take pictures of the damage from every angle that you can. Download copies of your photos to your computer, make a copy on a disk, and print some copies. This way, you will not have to worry about losing the documentation of the storm damage. You will also have a much easier time getting copies to those who need them.

Call Your Homeowners Insurance Company

The sooner you call your homeowners insurance company, the sooner they will be able to send out a storm damage inspector. He or she will evaluate the damages and send a report back to the insurance company. They may also send a few contractors to your home, if you have not called in your own contractor, to determine the cost of the repair or replacement of the things that were damaged in the storm. You should receive written notification of the findings of the insurance company within a few days. If many homes in your area suffered a lot of damage, it might take a little longer for the insurance company to get back to you.

Take Action If You Are Denied Assistance

If you find that your homeowners insurance company is refusing to cover the storm damages, or they only want to cover a small portion, you will need to get in contact with an attorney. Finding an attorney that specializes in storm damage laws will give you the best chance at receiving the financial assistance you need in order to put your property back together. For information, call representatives at firms like the Law Offices of Jeremy W McKey.