Were You Accused Of Rape Right When You Broke Up With Your Partner? Get A Lawyer And Act Fast

The law states that one should be innocent until proven guilty, but unfortunately it can feel like you are guilty until you have been proven innocent. If you have an ex-partner that is claiming that you forced yourself on them sexually, and that the intercourse that you had wasn't consensual, you will want to call a criminal defense attorney and start discussing your case.

The type of punishment and the record you have after something like this could haunt you for a lifetime, and you want to make sure that you do everything that you can to clear your name. Here are some of the things that you want to be working with your lawyer on right away.

Text History

If you can show threads and pages of messages where you were never threatening or violent, and that you never indicated that you were going to force yourself on your partner, this is great for the case. Other things that would be helpful to show include:

  • Extreme anger or hurt your partner expressed from a separation
  • Irrational behavior on their part
  • Sexual texts or invitations
  • Messages expressing love and possession

You want to be able to show that there weren't any communicated problems, that they could possibly overreact or be irrational, and that they never claimed that they felt abused.

Details of the Time the Alleged Act Took Place

You will have to find out when your partner is claiming this happened. If you can prove the two of you weren't at the same place at the same time, this would be the best scenario. If you can give full details about the sexual interaction, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, this will be the best way to give the judge an honest look into what happened. Make sure to document everything while your memory is fresh.

Camera Footage or Document of Odd Behavior

Any documentation of odd behavior helps your case. This could be video surveillance from your living facility or work that shows they were following you or checking up on you or statements from other people discussing the odd behavior of your ex-partner. or Anything that you can remember and prove will be evidence worthy.

A criminal defense attorney can work with you to fight these charges so you don't have to live the rest of your life with a damaged reputation, along with years on the sex offender registry. Talk with a lawyer and find out all of your options to establish a plan.