Hiring A Real Estate Attorney When Buying Or Selling Property

A real estate transaction is a highly complicated affair, and it is important for individuals to work with seasoned professionals that can represent them through this process. While most buyers are keenly aware of the reasons that they should hire a real estate agent, they may not be as informed about the services offered by real estate attorneys.

What Can Be Gained By A Document Review?

One of the most basic services that will be asked of a real estate attorney will be to review the documents that are being prepared to finalize the transaction. These documents are legally binding, which makes it imperative for you to fully understand their contents. This is regardless of the verbal discussions and agreements that were made during the negotiation for the property. In the event that there is a dispute over the terms of the sale, these documents will likely play a major role in settling the matter. As a result, conditions or other terms that you are unaware of being in the sale contracts and title transfers can leave you exposed. A real estate attorney will be able to examine these documents to ensure that they match the terms that were reached. Furthermore, they can thoroughly explain these documents and answer your questions.

Is A Real Estate Attorney Necessary If You Already Have An Agent?

A real estate agent can be of invaluable use to you throughout the process of shopping for a home. However, there are limits to the type of service that they can provide you. In particular, they will be unable to offer you legal advice over any issues that arise. As a result, you can find yourself underrepresented if you only have a real estate agent during this purchase. Luckily, retaining the services of a real estate attorney can be affordable and convenient.

Will Working With A Real Estate Attorney Cause Significant Delays Or Otherwise Slow You?

There is usually a pressing need to finalize a real estate transaction as quickly as possible. However, individuals should avoid letting this pressure force them to close on a property too quickly. While a real estate attorney will need some time to perform their duties, these professionals will be keenly aware of the importance of time in real estate negotiations. Therefore, they will usually be able to complete their services within a day or two for most routine transactions. More complicated transactions may require longer to fully verify or prepare documents.

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