Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Helps in a Verbal Assault Case Between Partners

Romantic partners may insult each other during fights frequently without falling into any serious legal trouble. But what happens when somebody crosses the line into threats that may feel very real and scary? Then there may be a personal injury lawsuit to pursue. However, the difficulties inherent in proving this type of case makes it critical to consider whether a personal injury lawyer can help.

1. Assault Can Take Many Forms

One of the toughest elements of personal injury law is knowing what falls under the definition of assault and what does not. Many assume that assault requires a physical act to be a crime. That isn't entirely the case. Just think of verbal abuse and assault between romantic partners. If one partner threatens the other and causes the other to feel justifiably scared for their life or health, assault may have been committed.

However, the complications of these types of cases can be quite hard to navigate without help. For example, some may not understand how to prove that a threat made them afraid or may not be able to argue their points eloquently enough. As a result, an assault lawsuit may not be successful. Thankfully, a personal injury attorney can help manage this type of case and ensure a better chance of success.

2. Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

A personal injury lawyer is a great choice for romantic partners going through a verbal assault case. These experts understand that this type of assault falls under tort law in a personal injury case. As a result, the lawyer knows that a case must not be proven beyond reasonable doubt but that a person simply needs a preponderance of evidence that shows that they were assaulted verbally.

And a good personal injury lawyer can use evidence from friends – such as claims that a person felt that their life was in danger – and psychologists – discussions on how the person reacted to the threat in a session with them – to make the case. The idea behind this type of case is to show that the threat was no idle, that it was designed to hurt, and that a person felt themselves in danger.

Without the help of a highly motivated personal injury lawyer, proving these points can seem nearly impossible. These experts will carefully examine every element of a case, gather evidence, and discuss what a person must do to succeed. In this way, a case can succeed or at least make a settlement more likely and more lucrative.