Why You Should Have A Workers' Comp Attorney

Some people go through their worker's compensation cases without an attorney and this is an option you also have. However, it isn't advisable because an attorney will be able to help make the process an easier one to go through and prevent problems from becoming an issue for you. Also, there are many times when you should seriously consider working with a workers' comp attorney because your case may have some specific things that you would want an attorney to help you through. Here are some examples of times when you should never consider going through the process without an attorney: 

You already had a pre-existing condition

If you had a pre-existing condition at the time of your accident, then you really need an attorney. There can be a lot of different ways that your pre-existing condition can be used in order to try to deny you the benefits you are entitled to. They may try to claim that it was your pre-existing condition that caused the injury that was actually work-related and claim that it would have happened anywhere because of the condition you already had. However, it's important for you to understand that a pre-existing condition is no reason for you to be denied workers' comp benefits, but you do need an attorney to make sure that you do get those benefits that are rightfully yours. 

Your employer is trying to deny an injury happened at work

If your employer tries to deny that an injury happened while you were at work, then you really do need to have an attorney on your side. The attorney will be able to help you establish that you were in fact hurt while you were on the job and this is something that will need to happen if you are going to be entitled to receive workers' comp benefits because these benefits are only for those who were on the clock when their injuries occurred.

You might need treatment that continues in your future

You may have an injury that will continue to need some form of treatment in the future. If this is the case, then you should make sure you have a workers' comp attorney because they can help to make sure that those future treatments are considered when it comes to determining the amount of your settlement. Your attorney can help you to determine how much those future needs may end up costing and present this information in a way that helps your case.

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