Amusement Parks And Personal Injury

A day at an amusement park should be fun, not scary, but sometimes things take an unexpected turn. If you've ended up with an injury from something at the park, you're in for a wild ride; these parks can be formidable and may try to deflect blame for something their negligence caused. If you think the injury was the park's fault and are having trouble proving it or getting the park to reimburse you for medical costs and other financial losses, you need to speak with a lawyer.

Ticket Waivers Don't Mean Much

An amusement park seems like the type of place where an injury could easily happen – and they do. For this reason, a lot of parks have waivers on their tickets or near the admissions gate that basically say guests understand the risks inherent in being in a place with rollercoasters and running kids. And you do assume some risk by being there. However, those ticket waivers don't mean much at all because they can't cover every situation that you might encounter. If you're hurt on a roller coaster because the attendant never lowered the restraint for your seat, that's not your fault and it's certainly not a regular risk one takes in that park.

But That Doesn't Mean They'll Pay Easily

The waivers might not mean much, but if you suffer an injury at the park where it's not immediately clear who is at fault or why the accident happened, the park may not pay out that easily. They could argue that what happened was a normal risk, that you were negligent, or that there was no way they could have prevented what happened. In those cases, you'll need a lawyer to help put together a case regarding your injury.

Figuring Out Who's Responsible Is the Toughest Part

Sure, getting the park to pay if they're responsible for your injury is tough, but when you've got a case where it's not clear who really was the core responsible party, it's going to take some investigative work to find the evidence you need. Don't attempt this on your own. A personal injury lawyer is the one who should coordinate the effort to get the evidence as the lawyer will know how to do it legally. You might end up accidentally violating a law, and you don't want that. With a lawyer leading the case, however, you'll have a more organized argument with evidence to back it up.

For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer near you.