How To Have Your SSDI Claim Approved On The First Try

Being so disabled that you are not able to work can be devastating. You will be wondering how you will be able to pay your bills and afford your necessities. If you have paid into Social Security, you might be entitled to SSDI benefits. However, to obtain these benefits, you must have your application approved. There are several mistakes you will want to avoid to increase your odds of avoiding any obstacles. 

Why It's Better to Be Approved the First Time

If your SSDI application is denied, you have several options for appeals. However, because the SSDI process takes so long, it makes better sense to work with a Social Security Disability attorney who will increase your odds that your SSDI claim will be approved the first time.

Don't Apply Too Quickly

Before applying for benefits, you will need to see a doctor and will need to be under their care. You will only be eligible for SSDI benefits if you will be out of work for an extended period of time. However, if you are approved, you will be entitled to back pay for up to 12 months. Your doctor will need to confirm that you will be out of work to be eligible for benefits.

You Will Need Help From Your Doctor and Lawyer

Your doctor will also help you prove that you are disabled and that you are unable to work. Then you will be able to prove that you are disabled as long as your doctor provides you with enough evidence. You will want to rely on your own doctor and not the consultive exam doctor because the latter is only responsible for approving your claim.

The consultative examiner will not run the tests that are necessary to establish how disabled you are. However, they will listen to your doctor when making a determination. However, your doctor might not be prepared to adequately communicate with the consultative examiner and you may also need help from a liability insurance lawyer to guide you through this process.

A Lawyer Can Help You Make the Right Decisions

It's possible, but unlikely, that you will have your claim approved on the first try if you are filing the claim on your own. Understanding the legal landscape can be very difficult especially since you have likely never filed a claim before. You will also ideally want to prove that your disability falls under one of the lists of impairments because this will increase the odds that you will be approved.

Contact a local disability insurance lawyer to learn more.